Exhibitor & Buyer Testimonials
Seamless knitting market is growing rapidly these years. Some of the Zhejiang Province manufacturers have fully entered the seamless knitting field due to the flexibility on knitting design and application. Santoni (Shanghai) showcase the latest seamless knitting machinery and we are satisfied with the overall result of the exhibition!

Mr. Tiziano Sandonini
V.P. Product of Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd.
This is our first time to join YiwuTex. Compared with ShanghaiTex, we believe that YiwuTex is relatively more specialized, and visitors are more concentrated. We hope that the show opening time can be prolonged. To take overseas specialty exhibitions as a reference, they are usually held every 2-3 years once and last for about 7 days each edition. The forum of the show is very helpful for us to realize the information exchange and to find new materials partners. We sincerely hope that such concurrent activities can be continued later.

Mr. Zheng Xu
General Manager of Shanghai Yusen Trading Co. Ltd.
For our company, we always give a lot of focus on the exhibition promotion. We take part in large-scale trade shows every year. We treat them as effective channels to implement our market promotion. Whether the investment is rewarding, we will analysis through the follow-up and client maintenance at our next stage. With the widespread and profound influence of the Chinese "The Belt and Road" policy, we are quite optimistic about the prospect of YiwuTex.

Mr. Yinglun Chen
Marketing Communications Manager of JILONG Group
We take participate in YiwuTex every year, as it is a very matching platform to promote our products. Through it, we get much more experienced on the fair organization. The fair is also beneficial to our customers for they can come and gain a full knowledge of the equipment and its function before they place the order. These years, the entire Yiwu sewing equipment market is getting more and more active in joining the show.

Mr. Pu Tang
General Manager of Yiwu Taolin Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd.
Mr. Shengping Qin, GM Assistant from Zhejiang Mengna Knitting Corp. expressed his satisfaction to the show. They found some suitable machines on-site and was also planning to place the order.
Mr. Guopei Fang, R&D Department Manager from Danjiya Group Co., Ltd. considered that the growth rate of the textile industry slowed down these years, and any procurement became more cautious than ever before. He is curious about any update of the integrated seamless machinery of Lonati Group, and he is willing to purchase their products if suitable.
Ms. Shuiyan Chen, R&D Department Director of Rongli Garments Co., Ltd. mentioned that they had found matching equipment onsite and they were under negotiation with the exhibitor. He agreed that great changes were being happened to the industry - the replacement of machine automation from human workers. Hereby, the managerial level of his company has more interest in those highly automated machines nowadays.
Mr. Bo Zhou, Factory Manager from Zhejiang Sanding Ribbon Group Co., Ltd. said that he is quite satisfied with the whole event and the visit is quite rewarding.