Show Overview
Show Name China Yiwu International Trade Fair for Textile and Garment Industry
The 19th China Yiwu International Trade Fair for Knitting & Hosiery Machinery
The 8th China Yiwu International Trade Fair for Sewing & Automatic Garment Machinery
The 5th China Yiwu International Trade Fair for Textile Printing Industry
China Yiwu International Trade Fair for Knitting Products
Date May 17 - 19, 2018
Venue Yiwu International Expo Centre, Zhejiang Province, PR China
Opening Hours
May 17 – 18, 2018 09:00 - 17:00
May 19, 2018 09:00 - 15:00
Our Strengths
■ Geographic Strength
Yiwu is the starting city of “Belt and Road” policy, and is the world’s small commodity trading hub. With the grand motivation of the “Belt and Road” national strategy, Yiwu has established official links with 86 countries and regions along the Belt and Road, and has built sister relationships with 18 economies and 24 cities around the world, maintaining trading relationships with 64 countries and regions in the same time.
■ Cluster Strength
Multiple textile production bases converge around Yiwu. As for Yiwu itself, it is renowned as its hosiery and knitting industry. Statistics shows that one of every 3 hosiery products made in China produces from Yiwu, which can fully demonstrate its prosperity. Over 1,400 enterprises and more than 100,000 people in Yiwu are engaged in the industry today.
Yiwu is also the most important production area for seamless garment. About 300 companies and around 40,000 employees work on the seamless industry. The products range from shaping underwear, fashion apparel, casual wear, swimwear and others, which are very popular among both the domestic market and 30 different countries from around the world, including Europe, the US, Japan, South Korea and etc.
■ Exportation Strength
Yiwu has the largest amount of foreign businessmen among all the county-level cities in China. In today’s World Supermarket Yiwu, more than 1.8 million types of goods are being exported to 219 worldwide countries and regions. Around 15,000 foreign traders from more than 100 countries and regions reside here. More than 5,300 institutions on foreign affairs have been set up in Yiwu, 2,200 of which are foreign-invested, and it accounts for about 75% of the total amount in China. They are mostly from countries along the Belt and Road.
■ Resource Strength
The show shares the resources with two international fairs,「ShanghaiTex」and「China Yiwu International Commodities Fair」, for we are the same organizers. The 18th Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ShanghaiTex) is the biannual flagship fair well-known in the textile industry. It focuses on the world’s latest innovative textile technology, and has evolved into the textile market indicator after years of development. Debuted in 1995, China Yiwu International Commodities Fair (Yiwu Fair) is an international exhibition on consumer products, authorized by the State Council. The show has been held for 22 successive editions with the joint force of the Ministry of Commerce, the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province and other relevant authorities. It takes place during every 21-25 Nov of the year in Yiwu city.
Yiwu and Its Surrounding Production Clusters
Zhejiang’s Hosiery Brand Base Yiwu City
China’s Seamless Knitwear Production Base Yiwu City
China’s Tape Production Base Yiwu City
China’s Zipper Production Base Yiwu City
China’s Hosiery Production Base Zhuji City
China’s Wrap Knitting Production Base Haining City
China’s Casual Clothing Production Base Yueqing City
China’s Export Garment Manufacturing Production Base Pinghu City
China’s Home Textile Production Base Jiande City
China’s Men’s Clothing Production Base Ruian City
China’s Children’s Clothing Production Base Huzhou City
China’s Shirt Production Base Dachen Town
China’s Necktie Production Base Shengzhou City
China’s Fabric Production Base Hangzhou City
China’s Plush Production Base Cixi City
China’s Quilted Textile Production Base Pujiang County
China’s Woolen Sweater Production Base Tongxiang City