Yiwu is dubbed as China Famous Hosiery City, Hosiery Brand Base in Zhejiang, China Seamless Underwear Knitwear City. “YiwuTex” is a renowned textile machinery exhibition in Yiwu. Various kinds of textile machine including knitting machine, hosiery machine, seamless underwear machine, dyeing & finishing machine, garment machine, sewing machine, etc., will be exhibited. Being the prime sourcing platform of the world's best hosiery cum seamless underwear machine, The 16th China Yiwu International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery and The 5th China Yiwu International Exhibition on Sewing & Automatic Garment Machinery will be held on Nov 30 – Dec 3, 2015 at Yiwu International Expo Centre, Zhejiang, China. Having been successfully held for 15 editions, “YiwuTex” is praised as the business barometer of hosiery & knitting industries as well as an ideal platform for showcasing textile machine including knitting machine, seamless underwear machine, hosiery machine, garment machine, sewing machine, dyeing & finishing machine. Renowned exhibitors display the top-notch knitting technology and product including: Seamless Underwear Machinery: Santoni, Cixing, Heung Sheung, etc. Knitting and Hosiery Machinery: Lonati, Taiwan Dakong, Rumi Wellknit, Zhong Bao Holding, Aurora, etc. Printing & Dyeing Machinery: Flainox, Union Industry, Conti Complett, Cubotex, Tonello, etc. Yarns: Fulgar, Lurex, Singtex, Baliso, Scafe, etc. Sewing Machinery: Doso, Supreme, Hikari, Zoje, Pegasus, Typical, Jack Holding, Golden Wheel, etc. Spinning Machinery: SSM, Fadis, etc. Embroidery Machinery: Tajima, etc. Braiding Machinery: Muller, Taiwei, Zhejiang Jaiyi, Yile, Goldern Gear, etc. With 15-year experience & being a famous textile exhibition in Yiwu, “YiwuTex” is keeping on evolving and improving itself to meet the changing development needs via the showcase of top-notch textile machine and timely information in this professional hosiery exhibition. “YiwuTex” has become a must-attend textile exhibition for local and overseas knitting, hosiery and seamless underwear manufacturers. Scope of exhibits: Seamless Underwear Machine, Knitting Machine, Hosiery Machine, Flat & Warp Knitting Machine, Yarn Winding, Covering & Twisting Machine, Yarns, Fibers, Lace, Cutting, Laser & CAD/CAM System, Sewing Machines, Post-sewing, Needlepoint, Embroidery & Quilting Equipment, Braiding & Zipper-making Machine, Digital Printing Machine, Dyeing & Finishing Machine, Boarding Machine, Screen & Transfer Printing Machine, Logo Printing Machine, Spare Parts & Accessories http://www.tnc.com.cn/expo/ http://www.ttmn.com/ http://www.worldsocks.com/

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Exhibitor Interview

Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A1D41
Theme Zone: Knitting & Hosiery Machinery Zone
"Santoni R&D Center in YiwuTex 2015, A New Exhibiting Concept"
Interview with Mr. Tiziano Sandonini, Marketing Director of Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd

Q1: Santoni will establish a R&D center in the booth of "YiwuTex 2015", showing the whole process from design concepts to real products. Could you please explain it in details?

"The Santoni R & D Center in YiwuTex 2015" features Four Areas, namely Learning Area, Concept Creation Area, Knitting Development Area and Presentation Area.

Learning Area. You can learn knitting technology, textile knowledge, process control and market information from such a strong sharing platform. We will provide participants with various interactive sessions, such as group discussions, to make yarn suppliers, designers and manufacturers communicate more smoothly.

Concept Creation Area. After the understanding of textile technology, we believe that you may start to initiate some design ideas. The area is to fully stimulate your new ideas and new designs and to make them come true. We will have a professional team of designers, textile experts and Santoni technical staff onsite to explain the ongoing trends, how to foster an idea, the product feasibility, as well as the operation skills. A design competition will be held then to elect the outstanding design works.

Knitting Development Area. In the part, you can realize your concept into real product by using a series of Santoni professional textile machineries. Moreover, on-site technicians will teach you how to do the finishing process, such as sewing, dyeing, printing and shaping, to help you complete the works.

Presentation Area. In order to push your on-hand finished products into the market, Santoni provides a business matching area with experienced designers, brands and you. They will teach you how to connect the design with brands by creating a brand story for example.

We Santoni believe that after such a complete system of personal experience, you can learn a full range of design and production process and the Santoni top textile machinery. Both designers and factory managers could get inspired by our R&D center and put it into the real work.

Q2: What inspired you to make the R&D center?

As we all know the garment industry, yarn suppliers, designers, manufacturers all have a strong professional knowledge in their respective fields, but they lack communications and knowledge of the upstream and downstream sectors, which may lead to a waste of resources. Santoni is willing to play a role of a bridge, a close association between them, so that products, technology, manufacturing could get a huge breakthrough.

In addition, now many companies are in the passing process from the founder to their offspring, and many young successors lack the technical knowledge, compared with their parents. Therefore, they desperately need to know the technics. Santoni provides a learning platform for them, so not only they can understand the management rules, data processing system and a variety of operation modes, but also the real production technology, thus helping them to run the business well.

Q3: What resources do you have to help your new concept work smoothly?

Actually, the "Santoni R&D Center in YiwuTex 2015" is our first attempt to set the training center inside the booth, which is also a breakthrough in the industry.

In recent years, Santoni has been constantly launched a number of training programs, such as "Santoni CircuLAB (SCL)”, "Santoni Pioneer Program" and etc., training young designers and manufacturers to well understand manufacturing and new technology. In the process, we gain an abundant of training experience and talents, and we could learn from their feedbacks to upgrade our machine and technology.

What’s more, Santoni has kept a long-term corporation with designing house and brands. Designers and brands will come and share their experiences in the “YiwuTex 2015”.
You are assured to have unexpected gains from our activity.

Chemtax Industrial Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A1D15
&Hosiery Machinery Zone
"Chemtax, Super Expert of Knitting Machinery"
Interview with Dr. Raymond Chu Lop Fu, Chairman of Chemtax Industrial Co., Ltd.

Q1: According to statistics, varicose veins, phlebitis and similar occupational disease has reached 200 million in China. How do you think of the Chinese medical hoseiry industry? And how is the future development of the market?

"The Chinese market of medical hosiery is huge. Some professions such as teachers and sales ladies are the potential customers of medical hosiery. And also, we find that many employees from the state-owned company in China enjoy a lucrative corporation medial welfare, and if they are at the high risk of varicose veins, they are much easier to accept the medical hosiery products after getting doctors' advice.

Our company is now studying the professional medical knowledge, getting market data and doing product development with the corporation of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, making great efforts to develop the medical hosiery which well fit the Chinese market."

3. The technology enables low energy consumption and pollution-free in the production process.

Q2: Seamless knitting technology applications have been extended from the traditional underwear to many new areas, such as sportswear, swimwear and etc. What is the advantage of seamless product when comparing to other products?

The advantage of seamless technology is that we can apply compression shrinking at different parts of the garment, while traditional cutting and sewing can not achieve. Nowadays, double jersey seamless technology has appeared and it will extend the market of sports sweater, bottoms and even sports shoes.

Q3: How can intelligent knitting machinery reduce management and operation costs for the textile industry?

"The "Industry 4.0" is mainly to reduce repeated jobs for the human being. Currently, we have robotize sewing machine and automatic loading and unloading device for a dyeing machine. For the flat knitting machine, there is a new needle bed washing machine which can reduce a lot of time in cleaning the needles without taking them out from the bed. Moreover, the application of international ERP (Enterprise Resouces Planning) system is a vital tool for reducing cost and improving efficiency.

We are studying how to apply intelligent technology in the seamless machine at the moment."

Q4: As one of the largest textile machinery dealers in China, what is your view on the future textile industry?

"Due to the high labour cost, shortage of skilled technician and effect of the fast fashion, many Chinese OEM factories, specially those medium-to-small-sized factories, has closed down. Those big-sized factories which insist on its OEM business mode move to Southeast Asian and Africa. Chemtax also plans to downsize our setup and close the non-profitable business sector, shaking off our burden.

We think it an inevitable trend of economic development, which is bound to realize optimization of product structure and elimination of the unhealthy competition in the Chinese market. We also believe that those companies who have decided to stay need to build up their own brands, to work hard on their technology development and market research in order to gain a better development."

AOTU Precision Machine Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A1D01
Theme Zone: Knitting & Hosiery Machinery Zone
"AOTU, Leading Enterprises of Knitting Machine"
Interview with Mr. Wang Laicheng, President of Aoto Precision Machine Co., Ltd.

Q1: According to the national policy, "Made in China 2025", the Chinese textile industry should go through a restructuring and upgrading period. Without mentioning the competition behind, do you agree it is a golden opportunity?

"Now the world economy is in a slow recovery phase, and the Chinese economic slowdown presents a shift from a high growth to low growth. China's textile industry is facing the dual pressures from developed and developing countries, the rising cost pressures, shortage of labor resources and increasing environmental pressures.

Under such conditions, more and more intense competition among enterprises is bound, and if companies can't come out of their original path, they are easy to be eliminated by the market. On the other side, upgrading and restructuring of the industry are advantageous, to avoid vicious competition of some inferior products.

We AOTU are always on the alert of the market since foundation. We have been putting in a lot of personnel and financial resources in the innovation and development of the product even though we are already very successful in the business. When every time of market changes, we always play over the leading position."

Q2: According to your homepage, AOTU runs in the way of OEM self-created brand. Can it better achieve your customized services?

AOTU is committed to meet customers' needs. By twenty years of continuous research and development, our products have developed from the smallest 4 inches' diameter to the largest 68 inches, from the ordinary computer models to electronic type, and then to intelligent models with the most complex features. We have reached more than four hundred kinds of varieties of existing products, and become the knitting machinery manufacturing enterprise with the strongest R & D capability and the most completed product category in China. On this basis, we can achieve the client-customized services in a free and unique OEM business mode.

Q3: Yiwu is China's largest seamless underwear production base. In recent years, product homogeneity has become an obvious problem, and fabric development is also inadequate. As a leader of knitting machine, what is your knock-out product these years, in helping the downstream industry chain in Yiwu to break through bottlenecks?

We have two products being partly developed:

1. Single Jacquard Towel Seamless Underwear Machine. The seamless underwear machine can make the jacquard pattern at any position of the towel and weave complicated patterns with different effects. It solves the problem that we can fairly control the pattern position. The model is a Chinese initiative, and we have applied patency.

2. Double-Sided Computerized Jacquard Seamless Underwear Machine. Now more than 90 percent of seamless underwear machines in the market are for the single-sided, and a small amount of double-sided seamless machines are mostly purchased from Santoni and other foreign manufacturers with a high price and high maintenance cost. Our model is for double jacquard seamless underwear and its 17-inch machine can be applied to 24G / 24 needles, which greatly improve the productivity effectiveness. Using up-and-down production of electronic pressure needle makes the cuffs look better.

Q4: Fierce competition occurs in the domestic cotton socks market, so product innovation and upgrading is imminent. As known, AOTU is very famous for its functional sports socks. Did you develop special weaving techniques when compared to other terry socks? How can you make it a good match with different moving characteristics?

"For the production of sports socks, ""ordinary terry"" is the earliest technology, while ""arbitrary loop"" started these years. AUTO has focused on both two technologies since 2005 to meet various markets, and we have more experience and practice than others.

""Arbitrary loop"" is exclusive to professional sports use. It is very important for professional sportsmen to feel breathability and cushioning. The loops can make exercisers achieve buffering, and arbitrary loop performs even better on buffering selection than ordinary loop. "Arbitrary loop" is for professional sports socks because it can effectively achieve the cushioning effect, yet breathable.

We find that different moving characteristics have different appeals, which includes ventilation, buffering, coating and etc. And we need to consider more details in the development. Now we are under development of functional socks such as far infrared socks and deodorant sterilization socks, bringing a high class of enjoyment to wearers."

Changzhou Wujin Wuyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A1B21
Theme Zone: Knitting & Hosiery Machinery Zone
"WuYang Warp Knitting Machine, Weaving a Better Future"
Interview with Mr. Wang Minqi, President of Changzhou Wujin Wuyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.

Q1: At the rapid changes in technology today, what's your new product and new technology in warp knitting machine in recent years? And how do these products or technology improve productive efficiency for your customers?

"Our company believes that the technology innovation is the driving force for development. For the past few years, we have successfully developed Intelligent Warp Knitting Production Management System & Numerical Controlled Double Needle Bar Plush Raschel Machine & Numerical Controlled Mesh Cloth Warp Knitting Machine and other series of innovations and achievements.

1. Intelligent Warp Knitting Production Management System. To achieve a comprehensive information management of production process, each production line is equipped with data collector, transmmission device and data controller. It has completed a production tracking and control process, and implemented the traceablity from raw materials to semi-finished products to finished products, thus helping the productivity improvement and cost control, reduced labor.Such technology has reached the leading level in China.

2. Numerical Controlled Double Needle Bar Plush Raschel Machine. This machine is especially developed for producing short, middle and tall plush fabrics. Fabrics are mainly used for apparel fabrics, home furnishing fabrics, plush toys, upholstery fabrics and blankets.

3. Numerical Controlled Mesh Cloth Warp Knitting Machine. This machine is especially developed for manufacturing shoe fabrics, apparel fabrics, protective knits, fishing knits, packaging knits, wire knits, luggage fabrics, fiberglass knits for spaceflight, sports knits and other kinds of strong fabrics."

Q2: As far as I know, your company products are sold to most areas in China, and also Europe Union, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, India, Tunisia and more than 30 other countries and areas. How could you win in the fierce international competition?

"Principle 1. To win the trust of our customers with excellent quality.(We adhere to the ""quality wins"" principle.)

Principle 2. To be proactive. We participate in various relevant exhibitions in China and abroad every year.

Principle 3. To provide timely and qualified after-sales service.

Principle 4: To meet different customer demands for a more diversified range of products.

Principle 5: To provide website in different versions of languages to attract corresponding customers."

Q3: YiwuTex has been recognized as one of the biggest and most professional exhibition in Zhejiang Province by 15 years' development. As a frequent exhibitor, how do you think YiwuTex is helpful to promote your business?

"As recorded, we have continuously participated in ""YiwuTex"" for several years. Although it is not the biggest fair in textile machinery, we find it shows good return on marketing investment.

From the fair, we get a large number of customer resources from Zhejiang and even some parts of East China. We even invite our Yiwu customers to come to the show and it is the best way for them to know our company and to settle the pending contract. In the same time, we build up our brand image and maintain our existing customer relationship at the fair.

In addition, we believe it essential to start the market refinement. According to the different needs of customer and local business environment, we choose different products as our main promotion each time, thus making our every exhibiting experience as efficient as possible.

For the price concern,「YiwuTex」is relatively lower than some world-famous exhibition, such as ""ShanghaiTex"". We find it worth the money to gain the media exposure and to show the company power in such a professional exhibition like "YiwuTex"."

Hangzhou Golden M&E Tech Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: B1C11
Theme Zone: Knitting & Hosiery Machinery Zone
"Golden, Leading Chinese Knitting Machinery Manufacturer"
Interview with Mr. Chen Feng, General Manager of Hangzhou Golden M&E Tech Co., Ltd.

Q1: As estimated, Chinese underwear market will maintain an increase rate of 20 percent annually, and it will become one of the most promising sectors in the Chinese garment industry. Nowadays, the seamless underwear is favored by the market for its comfort and freedom in the movement. Do you think what new underwear technology will be popular next?

"I still think the seamless underwear technology will continue to be popular. On the first hand, the production of seamless underwear does not need to reply heavily on the manpower. It is easy to learn the operation of the machine. Moreover, seamless technology could meet people's demand in the pursuit of fashion. Designers will not be restricted by the fabric characteristics. With the help of the professional design software, they can create variety of fabric effects and styles, and they can also achieve the best combination effect by the use of different fibers, such as natural fibers, synthetic fibers or synthetic fibers. Only in this way can designers make products much fit the body curves and achieve a better feeling.

The seamless underwear is an important part of the underwear industry. Compared to traditional underwear, seamless underwear has become a vital branch of underwear industry in a very short time for its characteristics of comfort, warmth and the body-fitted. After years of development, great innovation and improvement has been made to its fabric, knitting technology and design"

Q2: The knitting industry is moving towards a new area – a structural optimization of product families and a wider range of application possibilities. We are all in the industrial reshuffling period. How do you see the current situation?

"After few years of rapid development of Chinese knitting industry, we see many problems exposed. Knitting enterprises should strive to enhance the management quality, to improve product value, and to constantly develop new products, in that way companies can gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition.

To take seamless underwear industry as an example, in fact, there are many features seamless machine has not yet been fully developed and utilized, such as bare ammonia products, three-dimensional weaving, the medical field and so on. Similarly, with the continuous improvement of knitting machines, research and development of new features will go further, and knitting industry will have a wider range of applications.

With the elimination of unhealthy competition, poor management and product homogenization, the knitting industry is bound to be more rational, healthier and more prospective."

Q3: What product will you showcase in the "YiwuTex 2015"?

"In this exhibition, we will exhibit the Golden GD-NJ08 full computer single-knitting seamless underwear machine and the full computer knitting double-knitting seamless underwear machine.

Features of Golden GD-NJ08 Full Computer Knitting Seamless Underwear Machine:
GD-NJ08 full computer seamless underwear machine is our independent research achievement after years. The machine inherits from the 8-circuit machine and the 12-circuit machine, and it adds the welting function in the head end, which can follow the program and automatically finish the cuff weaving. No more sewing processing is needed. The device has a strong jacquard and plated function and can easily weave terry stitch and tuck stitch. It is used to produce underwear, outerwear, swimwear, sportswear and health-protection fabrics."

Yiwu Aurora Machinery Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: B1D01
Theme Zone: Knitting & Hosiery Machinery Zone
"Aurora, Booster of China's Hosiery Industry"
Interview with Mr. Liu Weiming, General Manager of Yiwu Aurora Machinery Co., Ltd.

Q1: Now, what is main difference between China's hosiery machinery and the overseas machinery? How does Aurora bridge the gap and even exceed the knitting machinery from developed countries, in speed and other functions?

"In terms of function and performance, Chinese machinery has almost reached the world-class level. But we should admit there is still a certain gap when comparing with those excellent overseas hosiery machineries. Our accessories processing and post processing can't improve to the high standard. Moreover, Chinese machinery can't work as stable as others because accessories are weak in precision and hardness.

To bridge the gap, Aurora imports customized parts and advanced post processing from abroad, thus greatly enhancing the stability of the machine and prolonging its life time to the world-class level. At the same time, with the reference of the first grade hosiery machine, we add our own technology to products, to make it surpass other hosiery machineries from developed countries in speed and performance."

Q2: According to your judgment, what is the situation that China's manufacturing industry of textile machinery is going through? And how does it influence on the hosiery machinery companies? How does Aurora cope with the environment to seek new development?

"Chinese textile machinery manufacturing industry is going through the stage when survival of the fittest. A number of textile machinery manufacturers are moving to Southeast Asia and India for lower labor cost.

For such a situation, we think there is still a large living space for those big enterprises with qualifies products, stable performance and advanced technology.

To seek new development, Aurora is conducting a series of technology upgrading, with hiring senior engineers abroad and speeding up updating and innovation of knitting machines. We believe that we can develop well with our good quality and performance."

Q3: Yiwu is located at the starting point of "Yiwu-Madrid Train", launched by China's important developing plan of "the Belt and Road". It will definitely develop into an important trading point in China.Does Aurora bear any plan of exporting your machinery to other countries by taking your geographic advantage?

With one main office located at the important trading point in China, we do think we have a good geographic advantage to introduce ourselves to the world. Over the years, Aurora has made some plans for the overseas market and did gain some certain achievements. We have sold machines to several countries, like Russia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Pakistan and many other countries, which accounts for around 30% of our sales volume. Under the leadership of the good policy, we are trying to open a bigger market.

Booth No.: A1D10
Theme Zone: Knitting & Hosiery Machinery Zone
"L.G.L., Committed to the Development of Green Feeders; Leading Transformation for the Textile Industry"
Interview with Mr. Nicola Burini, Sales and Service Manager of L.G.L. ELECTRONICS (S.P.A.)

Q1: L.G.L. is recognized as a leading supplier offering the most innovative solutions for feeding yarn all over the world. How do your products help knitting machinery to improve its control performance and to promote efficiency?

L.G.L. produces a complete and innovative range of electronic yarn feeders for knitting machineries (from circular seamless to socks, as well as for large diameter circular and flat knitting machineries) as well as for waving machineries (rapier, projectile & air-jet).LGL yarn control solution are able to maintain a programmable constant yarn tension, significant reduction of stress on the yarn and to increase the performance of the machine, increase the productivity, decrease the quality problem of final product and reduce the energy consumption with an advance sustainable high performance product.

For example, MINI+ is a yarn feeder featuring separate windings (1mm) suitable for all types of knitting or textile machineries, providing constant yarn tension. Tension Detectors and Electronic Brakes are used for maintaining a constant yarn tension and reducing the feeding tension on the single yarn. For more MINI+'s performance in high-efficiency and low energy-comsumption, please read below.

• Automatic speed adjustment fulfilling machine requirements up to 650 meter of yarn per minute
• Z and S rotation
• Available for installation in vertical or horizontal position
• Max. yarn storage on the spool body controlled by magnetic sensors
• Output tension controlled by L.G.L. brake TWM (Tension Modulator),easily adjustable to keep constant
tension and self-cleaning
• Input sensor with photocell enabling lower input tension
• High torque assured at any speed
• Yarn consumption : each feeder provides yarn consumption data in real time
• Lower power consumption

Q2: L.G.L. has alreay invested heavily in the development and production of electronic feeders to promote sustainable management of resources. In 2011, L.G.L. got its first Green Label award of "Compact" by its energy-efficient electronic feeder with low environmental impact. In 2015, what is your company's green energy saving technology, to help business and to go through the path of sustainable development?

1. Feeders for Knitting:
SPIN 1, COMPACT, ECOPOWER, as well as MINI+ and MINI VE: L.G.L. HANGZHOU introduced for the first time at ITMA ASIA 2014 in Shanghai.

2. Feeders for Weaving:
SMART VECTOR, PROGRESS VECTOR, TECNICO and NEXT, L.G.L. HANGZHOU’s new feeder introduced here for the first time.

At the moment, we have 4 products which have already obtained the green label for low environmental impact: COMPACT, MINI+, MINI VE and ECOPOWER. We are aiming to enlarge the range of advanced sustainable yarn feeding solution.

Kornit Digital
Booth No.: A1B08
Theme Zone: Digital Printing, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Zone
"Kornit Digital, A Bull-Up of Digital Printing"
Interview with Mr. Michael Wu, General Manager of Kornit Digital Asia Pacific in China

Q1: Compared with the traditional printing, what is the difference with the digital printing? Do you think that digitial printing will completely replace the traditional printing in the future?

"Comparing with traditional printing, digital printing can fully answer to the needs of personalization (minimum order quantity can be as low as 1 piece), and the file preparation and printing production are very simple, thus, digital printing can quickly and effectively response to the market demand. In addition, digital printing has better ability and quality in printing photorealistic images, all the complicated procedures such as screen preparation, color mixing, etc. can be eliminated.

Direct-to-garment printing as a viable process first hit the headlines in 2004 and, during the nine intervening years between then and now, there has been a marked increase in both quality and speed. This has coincided with a growth in the awareness of demand for more personalization in fashion items as well as in general print applications, and it is here that the flexibility found only in digital production continues to excel. Although digital printing is rapidly growing and is gradually challenging traditional printing, based on current technology level and market demands (such as screen print effects), there is still a need for traditional screen printing. "

Q2:  As the digital printing is increasingly welcomed by the consumers, many enterprises start to settle down to such business. What is Kornit's technology advantage among the clusters?

"Kornit Digital's specialist approach to the direct-to-garment market has been based on its extensive knowledge of the digital printing industry combined with its own innovative technology. These core criteria have enabled the company to design and manufacture a very specific family of industrial and commercial digital printers that incorporates its NeoPigment chemistry solution, and this has the huge advantage of being suitable for a wide range of fabrics. The NeoPigment process has been formulated specifically for the company's own portfolio, with technology that is based on years of experience and understanding exactly the opacity required, combined with the right vivacity of the colours and the white inks, and a balanced rheology to ensure efficient and smooth flow properties through the print-head nozzles and onto the fabric. In addition to vivid and vibrant results, plus an extended colour gamut, the NeoPigment process provides high elasticity and excellent durability, generating efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly production that is 100% biodegradable and toxin-free, with long-lasting washfastness and light resistance.

The chemistry is designed to react with the pre-treatment system, which is integrated into the printer for a seamless production work-flow. Because Kornit's machines are designed around a wet-on-wet principle, the job can be printed immediately with the pre-treatment, with no need to wait for drying prior to the ink being laid down. This enables the NeoPigment process to fixate the inks onto the fibres of the garment, and this leads to a finished print that is completely wash-resistant and with optimal opacity and colour intensity. The other benefits of these NeoPigment water-based inks include a low cost per garment and, with the addition of white, digital printing onto dark fabrics can be achieved. The optimal ink absorbance with the printing surface enhances the application of colours onto both white and dark garments, yet the entire process is environmentally friendly. The inks are Oeko-Tex 100 and GOTS 3 approved, meeting the international standard for the industry, and are completely free from heavy metal, formaldehyde and alkyl phenol ethoxyles ingredients.

To conclude, Kornit Digital's direct-to-garment printers all share a commonality that is based on the NeoPigment process that is unique to the company and its technology and which has been developed specifically for this industry. This stringent level of high quality manufacturing guarantees solutions that are designed for 24/7 operation, and long-term maintenance-free, highly accurate performance. The company has successfully satisfied its intention to develop and manufacture solutions which used a single pigmented ink-set suitable for all materials, from cottons to polyester and blends, lycra, viscose, silk, wool, linen, denim and leather, plus many more."

Q3: Is there any special requirement for the fabric to be printed?

The NeoPigment architecture has revolutionised digital textile printing as it removes the limitations imposed with dye-based formulations, resulting in a far more environmentally-friendly and efficient process. With all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of conventional pigmented chemistries, its versatility is unmatched as it is suitable for printing on multiple fabric types. Finished garments have an excellent hand feel, a wide gamut, bright and intense colours, plus long-term durability and washfastness. Its efficiencies mean that production costs are reduced and there is no need for offline pre-treatment.

Yiwu Tao Ling Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A1E21
Theme Zone: Sewing & Garment Machinery Zone
"Tao Ling Smart Sewing Equipment, Leading Transformation for the Garment Industry"
Interview with Mr. Tang Pu, General Manager of Yiwu Tao Ling Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Q1: Many Chinese clothing manufacturers believe that overseas sewing machines are better, and they only choose the imported sewing machines. As a professional dealer of various sewing machineries and accessories, do you think what is the advantage of the Chinese sewing equipment?

"The biggest advantage of ""Made in China"" is the price. However, cheap doesn't mean poor quality. Moreover, if you are based in China, the Chinese domestic sewing machine saves more expenses compared to overseas products. ""Made-In-China"" reduces the transportation fees, and it makes the after-sales service much easier to be reached when in needs.

China is recognized as one of the world's biggest clothing manufacturing countries. The great support by the Chinese policies, well-managed economic environment, broad marketing prospects, advanced auxiliary facilities and a number of innovative and skilled talents give a huge promotion power to the sewing machinery developmemt and manufacturing. Chinese manufacturers have the ability to provide different levels of machines, targeting different requirements in the market."

Q2: In recent years, sewing technology has achieved great innovation in the fierce competition environment. What functions or features are much favored by the buyers at the current stage?

"Firstly, the home sewing machine is popular in these years. With the development of the household electric sewing machine, home textile DIY has become a culture among the young and elderly people, to display their unique taste and personality.

Secondly, efficient and energy saving products are welcomed by the market, and shows a strong vitality. The buyers are pursuing highly efficient production mode. The flat sewing machine with common motor is replaced by electric motor integrated computer sewing machine, and overlock machine has been gradually replaced by the automatic cutting machine with integrated direct drive.

Thirdly, ""Machine Subsitution"" is an attractive choice for medium to big sized companies to realize high efficiency. A series of machines are launched to solve the employment difficulties and to replace repeated jobs from the human beings, such as the automatic computerized sewing machine, the automatic pocket machine, the automatic button sewing machine and the automatic elastic sewing machine.

Fourthly, customerized production line is coming mature. Buyers can choose from their company size and raise unique requirements, thus largely enhancing their use efficiency."

Q3: What kind of mechatronics sewing machines do you offer? How could your products improve the production efficiency for the apparel maker?

"Yiwu Tao Ling Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd. has the automatic overlock sewing machine, the electrical pattern machine, the automatic pocket machine and the automatic elastic machines, which are typical representatives of the future mechatronics and ""The Machine Substitution for Man"". We also offer our efficient and energy-saving production line customerized to meet customers various needs.

Automatic overlock sewing machine, compared with traditional machines, has greatly improved in different aspects like speed, capacity and energy consumption. For example, its speed has been increased by 20%, energy consumption reduced by more than 30%, the consumption of sewing thread reduced by 20%. For electrical pattern machine, now two workers can continuously operate three to four machines instead of one-person-with-one-machine in old times. It is much easier to make exquisite patterns by importing the pattern to the computer. You don't need to hire skilled workers since even a fresher can simply make it, which has been larged solved the employment difficulty."

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