Yiwu is dubbed as China Famous Hosiery City, Hosiery Brand Base in Zhejiang, China Seamless Underwear Knitwear City. “YiwuTex” is a renowned textile machinery exhibition in Yiwu. Various kinds of textile machine including knitting machine, hosiery machine, seamless underwear machine, dyeing & finishing machine, garment machine, sewing machine, etc., will be exhibited. Being the prime sourcing platform of the world's best hosiery cum seamless underwear machine, The 16th China Yiwu International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery and The 5th China Yiwu International Exhibition on Sewing & Automatic Garment Machinery will be held on Nov 30 – Dec 3, 2015 at Yiwu International Expo Centre, Zhejiang, China. Having been successfully held for 15 editions, “YiwuTex” is praised as the business barometer of hosiery & knitting industries as well as an ideal platform for showcasing textile machine including knitting machine, seamless underwear machine, hosiery machine, garment machine, sewing machine, dyeing & finishing machine. Renowned exhibitors display the top-notch knitting technology and product including: Seamless Underwear Machinery: Santoni, Cixing, Heung Sheung, etc. Knitting and Hosiery Machinery: Lonati, Taiwan Dakong, Rumi Wellknit, Zhong Bao Holding, Aurora, etc. Printing & Dyeing Machinery: Flainox, Union Industry, Conti Complett, Cubotex, Tonello, etc. Yarns: Fulgar, Lurex, Singtex, Baliso, Scafe, etc. Sewing Machinery: Doso, Supreme, Hikari, Zoje, Pegasus, Typical, Jack Holding, Golden Wheel, etc. Spinning Machinery: SSM, Fadis, etc. Embroidery Machinery: Tajima, etc. Braiding Machinery: Muller, Taiwei, Zhejiang Jaiyi, Yile, Goldern Gear, etc. With 15-year experience & being a famous textile exhibition in Yiwu, “YiwuTex” is keeping on evolving and improving itself to meet the changing development needs via the showcase of top-notch textile machine and timely information in this professional hosiery exhibition. “YiwuTex” has become a must-attend textile exhibition for local and overseas knitting, hosiery and seamless underwear manufacturers. Scope of exhibits: Seamless Underwear Machine, Knitting Machine, Hosiery Machine, Flat & Warp Knitting Machine, Yarn Winding, Covering & Twisting Machine, Yarns, Fibers, Lace, Cutting, Laser & CAD/CAM System, Sewing Machines, Post-sewing, Needlepoint, Embroidery & Quilting Equipment, Braiding & Zipper-making Machine, Digital Printing Machine, Dyeing & Finishing Machine, Boarding Machine, Screen & Transfer Printing Machine, Logo Printing Machine, Spare Parts & Accessories http://www.tnc.com.cn/expo/ http://www.ttmn.com/ http://www.worldsocks.com/

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Industry Applications
Knitting Technology Molds a New Era in Textile Industry
Huge Growth Potential in China Medical Socks Industry
Medical compression stocking has been widely recognized by the medial professions with a brilliant market prospect ahead. The exhibition will present the most professional medical socks machinery, yarns and compression detector in order to knit a new era for medical socks industry.

Value Added Technology in Seamless Underwear Industry
Seamless underwear with fashion elements would be the competitive focus in China’s underwear market. Leading the trend of lingerie, the exhibition will response the market trend by showcasing the top-niche technology and innovative design concept.

High Performance Technology in Knitting Industry
Entering casual wear & fashion field, knitwear is towards the functional development directions on comfort, healthcare & protective etc. The development on knitted products is also on structure, pattern and performance in order to fulfill the special requirements. Embracing the latest technology and function yarns, the exhibition will display versatile and high value-added textile products.

Create Global Business Opportunities in High Fashion Industry
Fashion brands in China are currently in a brand building stage and develop to high fashion brands gradually. Online marketing is the shortcut to the future development trends for transformation and upgrading. Focusing on the market demand, the exhibition will showcase a comprehensive platform for creating strong brand image for garment enterprises in China.

Showing Forth the Latest Trend in Knitted Sportswear Industry
Focusing on the trend of healthy and sustainable lifestyle, the future developments of sportswear tend to be functional as environmental-friendly, stylish, comfortable, healthy, intelligent etc. The exhibition will display the latest technology used in knitting machinery on sportswear.

Leading the Quality of Life in Embroidery Industry
With the rapid economic growth and the improvement of living standards, people began to pursue high-end and sophisticated life. The embroidery is widely used on clothing, curtains, bedding, car seats and footwear. Embroidery penetrated into all areas of people's lives and the quality of its embroidery is also directly determines the quality of life. The exhibition will present the latest high technology with high quality and high value-added embroidery machinery which will significantly enhance the business productivity.

Key Fashion Trends in Braiding Industry
Retaining the traditional functions of braiding, the development will be focused on the clothing style and aesthetic functions. Accelerating the promotion and cooperation in the new technologies and new products, the exhibitions will showcase the latest braiding equipment to promote the development and exchange of braiding domestic industry.

Functional and Innovative in Yarn Industry
Yarns are the source of innovation in textile products, Many companies focus on the development of functional and environmental friendly materials for new textile products. The exhibition will display wide variety of functional yarns and share the latest market trends and consumer demand.
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